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UAS Regulations

May 2023: China published its 'Interim Regulations on the Management of Unmanned Aircraft Flights' - coming into force January 1, 2024:

The information below may be out of date. 
New Civil Aviation Act, 2018

Advisory Circular on Regulations of Basic Specific Category: AC-92-2019

CAAC guidance on UA Airworthiness Certification has guidance, only in Chines at this stage

CCAR - 92 will be published

Instructions (in English) for registering drones in China (Which is the first step for operating drones in China):

Flight Standards Division of Civil Aviation Administration of China

Advisory Circular                No. AC-91-FS-2015-31

                 Date: 29th December, 2015

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Legal sources

Civil Aviation Administration of China

AC-91-FS-2015-31 (Chinese, english in the left pane)



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