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UAV Laws

Since 13.5.2016: no commercial operation allowed, unless approved by state.

Regulation applies only to drones with KE > 79J

Regulation does not applies for indoor private flights

Class I - an area where there are no buildings and no people except for managers and personnel necessary to fly;

Class II - an area where the auxiliary buildings or facilities, non-residential people and where there are no people, except for managers and staff, which is essential for flight. It is allowed only occasional passage without retention of people in this area (eg. cyclists, walkers);

Class III - an area in which the objects are intended for housing, for business or recreation (eg. residential buildings, residential houses, schools, offices, sports facilities, parks) or on which the civil engineering works, where people (eg. highways);

Class IV - an area restricted urban zones (eg. the center of the cities, towns, places).

Operator needs to have approved frequency spectrum.

Unmanned aircraft used to perform the aerial work, must be marked by the operator.

At least 30m from obstacles

At least 150m from people's group (12+ persons)

VLOS, max 500m from operator

500ft AGL above ground out of controled airspace

300ft AGL under controlled airspace after approval.

5km away from ARP, or max 45m AGL with approval

Fly out of departures and arrival approach areas (except if specific procedures for UAS are published).

Only one drone can be flown by an operator

FPV: only with an observer

Operator must log flights

Category D: need a risk assessment

Crew must wear high-visibility jackets

Doc required: User Manual, copy of license and:

Category A and B require proof of knowledge, psychological skills and competence for the type of UA.

Category C and D require proof of competence for the type of UA (according Appendix 4), exam certificates, evidence of psychological abilities to fly UAS.

Additional rules by weight:

5-25 kg  

Class 25 Identification/marking: need a fireproof plate    

<5 kg  

Class 5 Identification/marking: need a label

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